Selfhost Timetagger on a Raspberry Pi

A few weeks ago I started looking into options for time tracking software. The goal is to be more aware of how I spend my time throughout the day.

5 min read

Keeping up with my cat’s 💩 using a Raspberry Pi

As a former dog owner and first time cat dad I was amazed at how cats are “potty trained” practically from birth. I was prepared to deal with the smell when having to clean the litter box. However, I didn’t expect their bowel movements (💩) to carry a punch that would stink up half my apartment.

2 min read

Documenting a Crystal open source project

This post is a quick overview of how Crystal lang built-in documentation features work and an easy setup to host them for free for Open Source projects. A compilation of things I’ve seen across Crystal repos and applied on mine.

1 min read

Contributed to the Crystal programming language

When I was starting out with coding in college I never thought I’d contribute to a programming language codebase. A small documentation fix of mine was included in 1.7.0 and I’m counting it as one, so this is the celebratory/milestone post for the occasion.

~1 min read

Everybody hates CSRF

The title of this post is a reference to the Everybody hates Chris TV show, which felt punny and suitable as I ran into some interesting problems in the last few weeks having to do with CSRF.

3 min read

libusb backend for adb on macOS

For the past week I was stuck on what felt like a dead end. Although a bit more comfortable now than where I stood a few weeks ago I’m still learning the ropes of Android development, and this problem caught me outside my comfort zone.

1 min read

The year is 2020

The year is 2020 and the world is upside down. It started off as a very promising year and I’d prefer to keep that positive mentality regardless of difficult times brought in by a global pandemic. I like to think stories of greatness are intrinsically elevated by the greatness of the challenges faced and eventually conquered. With this logic in mind we are living in a time of opportunity.

~1 min read

Browsing a localhost server from any device in your LAN

For most of us, a local development server proves to be good enough to get our day to day coding done. Even mobile device displays can be tested quite well on Chrome (or other browsers) using built-in developer tools. There are times though, where using a real device is better or even necessary.

2 min read