Fernando Valverde
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Exciting news for me: I gave a talk at CrystalConf 2023!

I’ve been working on an open source Battlesnake server implementation at fdocr/CrystalSnake for some time now. I already shared a few blog posts about this project. Read the most recent one here or binge through them on my DEV Series.

In this talk I went a bit more in depth, with beginner developers in mind too, than what I already shared in the blog posts. Watching myself on the pre-recorded session wasn’t easy for me, I hope it’s more enjoyable for everyone else though!

The recording is available on YouTube right here 🫡

All the talks from the conference are also available in this playlist. I hope to give another talk, in person this time, sometime soon.

That’s all I wanted to share for now. Pura vida!