Customizing Jekyll Themes

After migrating my website/blog to Jekyll on GitHub pages I was left with this lingering feeling: The theme I was using felt too “stock/off-the-shelf” even after a few color tweaks. I gave customizing the theme a try instead of coding it from scratch and learned a thing or two along the way.

2 min read


Ideas pop in and out of existence unexpectedly, that’s my experience at least. This one professor from college always comes to mind when an idea is lost because I failed to write it down. He spent a few classes discussing with us some productivity/time management methods like Get Things Done, Eisenhower Matrix and others.

~1 min read

Headless Chrome - Dual mode tests for Ruby on Rails

Headless tests are necessary for CI environments and very useful for unobtrusive local development. No need to ditch the driver that directly controls the browser though, there’s lots of debugging value in being able to switch between both modes.

2 min read

GitHub pages & Jekyll

Instead of hosting this site myself any longer I’ve finally decided to move over to GitHub pages. This probably isn’t an interesting blog post for anyone other than myself. I just wanted it out there for the record.

~1 min read

Kubernetes integration with Rake tasks

Activek8s is a gem that relies on certain conventions to provide a thorough Kubernetes integration on a set of Rake tasks. The gem is a byproduct of a project that makes use of Kubernetes to orchestrate our services and other tools (Redis, CI/CD, logging, etc). This is not the absolute truth, it’s only a solution that worked for our team and we open sourced on GitHub.

4 min read

AKS easy as ABC

This is a “walkthrough cheatsheet” from my initial experimenting with AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service). Everything here can be run using Azure’s Free Account trial.

4 min read

Tying Let’s Encrypt and Docker Swarm together

It’s no secret that Kubernetes has seen a booming interest in the past year or two. It’s also known that its learning curve is steep and its complexity remains relatively high. Because of this I’ve been interested in striking a simpler alternative in Docker Swarm for a while now. The following is my experiment for setting up a Swarm cluster that is able to publish different services using Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with ease.

10 min read

Learning Rails in 2017

So far this year has been surreal & hectic to say the least, and we’re basically halfway through. I started a new job late last year, which I expected to be challenging for plenty of reasons. Arguably the most important one: I was going to support a large codebase built in Ruby (on Rails).

6 min read


Open-source software is a beautiful thing. Whether you’re coding, documenting, giving feedback, etc. there is something bigger than you out there. We live in a time where we can ride the whale wave together, regardless of where you happen to live.

5 min read

Let’s get swifty

I’m surprised by the fact I haven’t stumbled upon a single article with this title and the proper Rick & Morty pun (#FreeRick). Anyways, no backend code tonight, it’s been a long couple of weeks at work and university so this will be a short entry with a couple of patterns I’ve picked up around working with swift. Just some random jiberish that I will most likely find useful in the future.

3 min read