The year is 2020 and the world is upside down. It started off as a very promising year and I’d prefer to keep that positive mentality regardless of difficult times brought in by a global pandemic. I like to think stories of greatness are intrinsically elevated by the greatness of the challenges faced and eventually conquered. With this logic in mind we are living in a time of opportunity.

I’m grateful for lots of things but the most important one this year is that I joined the team at DEV, which has been incredible. I realized I hadn’t shared any updates in here and it’s about time.

It’s refreshing to shift back to more hands-on mobile work with DEV-ios & DEV-Android while also touching a RoR codebase, and that makes this a very special job for me. You’ll find some of my early 2020 posts in my profile @fdocr.

Good luck out there with your own trying times, let’s make it a hell of a story to tell future generations. Pura Vida!